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Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Visa Information
The XXll Olympic Winter Games will take place in Sochi, Russia 7th - 23rd February, 2014. And the Xl Paralympic
Winter games will take place 7th- 16th March, 2014. Unless you are an
athlete participating in or an official connected with the #Olympic
#Games then you will need a #visa to visit the Sochi Winter Olympics. To visit the Sochi Winter Olympic Games as a spectator you
will need a #tourist #visa , and as a leading provider of Russian visas
for people residing in the UK, the Real Russia team in London will be
working closely with the Russian consulate to ensure a quick and
accurate service for anyone visiting the Sochi Games.

For more information visit http://www.realrussia.co.uk/visas/russian/sochiwinterolympics
#Games #Olympic #tourist #visa
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On 1/28/2014 6:50:13 PM
Riviera Park
A recreation
park with lots of fun activities. Its seaside commons house an amusement #park ,
city #aquarium "Oceanarium" , sports complex with tennis, volleyball and
basketball courts as well as a fitness center and a whole array of cafes and
restaurants that will leave the pickiest eaters satisfied. The park is located
at 1 Egorova St., Sochi. For more information visit the official website http://www.park-riviera.ru/
#aquarium #park
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On 12/10/2013 6:39:22 PM
Shopping center Alexandria
Alexandria is the largest and most modern #shopping mall in
Sochi. Alexandria is a 15 story tower made of glass and concrete that offers everything from #electronics , to #appliances , #jewelry , #apparel , #dining and
#entertainment . The entire 5th floor of the tower is children
entertainment area. The shopping center is located at 22 Moskovskaya St.,
Sochi. For more information visit their interactive site at http://www.alexandria-sochi.ru/
#apparel #appliances #dining #electronics #entertainment #jewelry #shopping
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On 12/10/2013 7:19:18 PM
Krasnaya Polyana
Polyana is a settlement in
the mountains 30 km away from the seaside that has been converted
into a #sports and tourism complex. While it is warm in Sochi, there is
snow up in the mountains. Skiers are taken to over 1,500m above sea level on
chairlifts, gondolas, or by helicopters. There are many types of accommodation
and some very nice #bars and #restaurants . Skiing is a growing sport in
the Russian Federation and Sochi is in a prime position to
become the number one spot for skiers. To book your stay call 8(862)295-51-20,
295-51-22 or visit http://krasnaya-polyana-sochi.ru/
#bars #restaurants #sports
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On 12/10/2013 7:07:59 PM
Michael-Archangel Cathedral
At the beginning of the 20th century there
were 9 Russian Orthodox churches and one monastery in Sochi. Only
one of them Michael-Archangel Cathedral survived the revolution and 20th
century wars. It is the oldest Orthodox #Church in Sochi and the entire Black
Sea region of the former Russian Empire. The Cathedral is open for service and located
at 12 Moskvina St., Sochi 354000, for more information call 7(862)262-59-39 or
visit http://arch-sochi.ru/2009/10/sobor/
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On 12/10/2013 7:12:48 PM
The Russian Tea Plantations and Russian Tea Party
For most Russian tea drinkers Sochi is well-known as the only
place where the Russian tea is cultivated and produced. The Sochi tea
plantations are the northernmost in the world. A trip to the tea farm includes
a lecture on the History of Tea, a visit to the Museum of Samovars and
Russian crafts, a tea-party in a Russian wooden Izba. This trip makes a truly
unique impression. To book your #tour and for more information visit http://www.visitsochi.su/excursions/34/?en=1
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On 12/10/2013 6:50:57 PM
Yew and Boxwood Grove
The Yew
and Boxwood Grove in Sochi is as old as the mountains. It is a unique
and fortuitous example of wild prehistoric vegetation that was protected by
mountains from glaciations during the last Ice Age. To book your excursion
to this unique #park contact http://www.csochi.com/sochi/64/
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On 12/10/2013 7:02:40 PM
Come meet Black Sea #dolphins. In Sochi Dolphinarium you can admire their
performances and marvel at their creativity: dolphins draw pictures, dance,
sing and display their affection to people. Excellent attraction for the
whole family. The Dolphinarium is located at 219/2 Lenin St.,
Adler, a short drive away from the center of Sochi. You can catch a taxi or get
on a bus from Sochi to "Izvestiya Resort" For more information visit
Dolphinarium website at http://sochi.delfinary.com/or call  8(862)
246-33-03 or 246-33-02. 
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On 12/10/2013 6:59:08 PM
Sochi #Dendrarium is the largest
Russian subtropical #park. It was founded in 1892 and features over 2,000
species of plants from many different climatic zones, and includes plants from
every continent of the world. This Arboretum is really unique. You will need
more than a day to see it. Dendrarium is open every day from 9am to 5pm, and
located at 74 Kurortny Prospect  Sochi,
354002. For more information and special events visit http://www.dendrarium.ru/ or call
#Dendrarium #park.
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On 12/10/2013 6:00:28 PM
The Tree of Friendship
It is a wonder-tree in a
wonder-garden. There are about 40 different types of citrus fruits on this one
tree. Grafts have been made by celebrities and honored guests. A small #museum
displays souvenirs from all over the world. The place is a paradise of #flowers.
This is the place where national and international #festivals are
celebrated.  The tree is located at Sochi Botanical Garden operated
by Russian Scientific Botanical Institute at 2/28
Fabritsiusa St., Sochi, Russia, 354002 For more information visit www.vniisubtrop.ru/derevo-druzhby.html
#festivals #flowers. #museum
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On 12/10/2013 6:46:29 PM